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Best Free Packers And/or Protectors


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Just trying to point out some good free Packers: B)

UPX 3.00
PeCompact Student Edition
Yoda Protector
Yoda Cryptor
RLP beta .7.4
RL Packer Basic edition 1.18
ExeShield 1.4
Mew 11
TeLock .98
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What about WinUPack?
Yes, regarding clean packing, I haven't come across a stronger one...

-> http://wex.cn/dwing/download/WinUpack039e.7z


-> http://packman.cjb.net/

PePack 1.0:

-> http://ftp.elf.stuba.sk/packages/pub/pc/pack/pepack10.zip

And others:

-> http://programmerstools.org/taxonomy/term/15

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mew isnt winall, for all i use upx. its enough, small file size due lzma, and faster decompress of lzma than pe compact and lot faster than nspack, next decompress allowed so when i need to mod tool i dont need unpacker and have exact file as before compression.

also upx is multiplatform you can pack dos,win,linux exe with one exe.

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Hmm never really came across PackMan before, I'll probably give it a good testing now. The reason FSG isnt on the list is everytime I tried to pack with FSG I get a non-working file, its probably just me. Also I just forgot WinUPack, my bad. :rolleyes:

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Teddy Rogers

Are we talking about the best free packers or the best free protectors? There is a big difference... :)


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Its really more of an emphasis on free. Why pay for something when there is a free counter part that can be as good if not better then some pay ones. But I Probably should categorize them into packer/protectors, just protectors, or just packers. :D

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I've been making alot of tests with UPX --exact switch lately, and found some bugs, I will report them to the authors. It does NOT create a byte for byte copy when unpacked :/ Rather annoying as I want to use this to increase space on my install cd by compressing things with UPX.

It does not save the security directory information. It also modifies the PE header in other ways, and sometimes even modifies the IAT. If it will do it exactly out as in, this can increase space by a lot by compressing exe's, dll's and other executables, becuase it has a better compression ratio on these files than a winrar sfx.

Adobe Reader uses a modified version of upx for this actually, and you can try to recompress the files with any sfx (winrar, 7zip etc) and it will not even get close to the ratio the installer has with the modded upx.

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