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colortheque - 6 dUP skins


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critical comment:

Not sure about the reason, why the font of 'seek 'n destroy' is not the right here

- maybe you mixed easy to read fonts with a more stylishish one

- maybe you used already 2 bitmap fonts (1. hard and 2. cutten edge) additional is not needed,

select your fonts wisely.

But I like the colors you picked up.

Very nice, because it is possible to use every kind of color when building a rls

without getting a s.. I can't read that text.

..and definely the pattern is just simple, but nice. :)

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cool skins and nice idea with the "about" dialog

Thanks! ;) I forgot to mention in the file description that I tried something new with the about dialog. I used the "centering" feature to create a different effect. There are example exe's with the download if anyone wants to check it out.

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