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SND Pink Minx dUP2 Skin


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Nearly as cool as your last one, but pink is still one of those colors you either love or hate, at least in most cases ;)

I like it and I

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it's hot! ;)

I tend to hate the color pink, but you've done a very good job with this one. Excellent work with the subtle variations in the color and also the buttons. :thumbsup:

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oho.. the magic of known 1px border. B)

Maybe, you could also copy the pic as a new layer overlay a non-mono-color version obove the other layer.

Give her a bit more contrast and we see more without seeing everything. That gives the pic more a additional note.

Surly, pink is not the best color, but anime has this kind of colors sometimes, especially when the figure is a girl. :lol:

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Thanks for the comments, Its a 2px border white in black :)

I rendered the girl while sitting at my girlfriends comp, thats why pink was stuck in my head.

The render itself was a different layer from the background but I bended it in to make it softer on the eyes.

The .PSD for the main background is now gone so I created this skin from random bits of the compiled picture.

All comment are welcomed as it will help me know what people want when I make a new skin. Thanks :)

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Great feminine skin staff, keep up the good work.... I think lena151 will like it also....



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The design is good. But I dont prefer using so much pink in my work.You make some nice designs, why not try for a wallpaper?


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