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World's Tallest Man Meets World's Smallest Man...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
MONGOLIA, home to the world's tallest man, may well also be home to the world's shortest.

Bao Xishun, a 2.36m herdsman from Inner Mongolia, was yesterday introduced to He Pingping, who only measures 73cm.

Pingping, 19, was only the size of an adult's palm at birth, according to his father He Yun, and is seeking the official record as the world's smallest person.

Bao, 56, was confirmed last year by Guinness World Records as the world's tallest.

His growth was normal until age 16, when a spurt shot him up to his current height within seven years.

It has been big week for Bao, who was married on Thursday in a traditional Mongolian ceremony at the tomb of emperor Kublai Khan.

After a worldwide search for a companion, he finally found love in his home town of Chifeng.

His bride is 1.68m saleswoman Xia Shujian, 28.


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The picture looks like taken from a Science-Fiction show.

World has still some astonishing moments for us left ;)


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