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Second Skin For Foff


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well.. here is my second one for the team ^___^ and eclip, yes there is gonna be a SND one soon :P don't worry mate. tell me what you think ;)


on this one, I hope angell or MiStEr is able to code the way I asked it :P

I willl show it here coded some time ;) or angel will, but please tell me what

is wrong, I know the button text is kinda stupid.. I don't know.. but I can't seem

to get a good style on it.. so please C&C


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I don't think there is anything wrong with the button 'text' but it might benefit from giving the buttons a defined outline on this one. Dont make the buttons too big, but make them look more like buttons than just text on the background.

Another nice skin though. Personally I preferred the grungier first one, but this is by no means a bad effort!

Be nice to see them both coded up!


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