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Tech Blue Skin


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Based on the tech blue logo i made, this is the full skinned keygen.

Post your comments/suggestions please. If anyone wants the images, send me a pm.


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Nice........... PuNkDuDe i wish to see more of these templates and GFX's

seems you have a nice knowledge with PS :P keep it up we need some other

nice stuff as well i'am waitting starting from now.........!!

BTW, Cool signiture too bro' ;)

Exellent Job I Love It....... :lol:

Edited by Angel-55
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Template skin and sig rock..

That's what I call taste ! :cool2:

Nicely transparent colours in the template with even fitting cursor.

Or reading the word 'Godfather' and seeing those black filmstripes... cool.


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Doesnt work on my cpu when I open it All I get is a blue box, it must be my ****ty cpu :(

Any message, what appears?

Missing Runtimes, sh***y Error service running.. :ermm:

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No when I open it, I just see a blue skin. Its all blue, as I said, my computer is *******up. This week I will format it, then i'll download the keygen and see if it works.

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