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Snd Keygen Template -the Gear-


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Another fantastic work from both of you guys really cool :)

that effect is nice hehe ^^ i like it........keep it up you and EclipTic ;)

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Thanks for the comments, and...

ah, well, there was a very small beauty bug in the scroller text ending.

Fixed & uploaded.

Thx to Angel-55 for notifying about it ;)

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Ahh.. you created a wobbling behind 'generate' button. :lol:

and again, and again...

Nice you get the accurate filesize, all this in the little piece.

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Yup its real good work! But i think upon text change in the textfield, it gives the same effect when the Generate button is pressed. So like, when someone enters a name of 10 chars, it will "shake" 10 times, which is not cool.So maybe you want to have a look at it UFo?

I really like this one! Keep it up..


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when someone enters a name of 10 chars, it will "shake" 10 times, which is not cool.
Only if he's typing with a speed of 1 char per second, which is not fast... :1:

No, seriously.. it's no bug or laziness.

I played a LOT with it and thought that this would be the 'best' solution.. :^

Thx 4 the comments

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Thanks for the comments. That squeaky wheel sound added with the vibration is great.... I love it. Good job UFO.

Hey, if someone uses this one in a release could you shoot me a PM?

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The template was used in some releases now... cool !

The problem was, that we forgot to include the fonts this time.

So the releaser prolly had a hard time changing the bmp.. sry for this.

Got the fonts now and uploaded the whole project again,

coz I also slightly modded the GIFlib. Moving the window

by clicking on the gif didn't work before, but now it does... ;)


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