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Punk belongs to PopArt ;)

A little much empty space.

But it's nice.

I thing in creating there are no real limits,

everything can be like you want. Rainbow color is fair combination of everything.

Personally I avoid making too much pink or turquoise stuff,

Somebody wouldn't get too much confused, hehe starz and Killy. :lol:

But anyway do what you want.

Edited by cond0lence
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It looks not like a Godfather!

Hey Silly, he's the godfather of reversing at SnD..... not of GFX :P

In my opinion it looks very good considering PD is just getting his feet wet with Photoshop.

I recognize the font.... it's MA Sexy; one of the better sets in the hand-written font category. I think the edges of the letters could be softened a little.

I agree with cond0lence - this one goes in the PopArt folder. Good work :)

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The font is very thin and for me it looks, like cond0lence has already said, a little empty. But the main idea is still cool and not often seen in RCE graphics :)


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Nice Work PuNkDuDe :thumbs:

as all said colors are wonderfull "oldschool ^^" i love it

seems you have a nice GFXign taste keep it up bro' we need to see more ;)

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