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2007 Snd Screensavers


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hmmm.... couldn't find an appropriate section in the download manager for this :dunno: , so I've attached it here.

Well, the topic title says it all - These are 2007 SnD Screensavers.

Update: There are now three different color variations with matching wallpapers :P

The wallpapers are available in two sizes 1280x1024 and 1280x768. If others are needed let me know.

I've only tested it on my PC, so please report any bugs.



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Nice animation effects.I guess u did that in Flash? Although IMHO , the colours dont suite my taste, but thats about me. :)

Cool work.


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Freaking awesome idea! ScreenSavers !!

Good work with the animations. But the colors .. mmm.. disappointing :/ and I thought you were damn good at Colors!

Anyway.. great work :)

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@oricode and JC - Thanks for the honest opinions! :D Since both of you think the colors are disappointing, I'll call this the "beta" version and I'll release an update with new colors.

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I've updated the original post with new files.....

Now included are three different color variations with matching wallpapers. Hope you like these a little better ;)

Anyone know how to code these so that there is only one screensaver, and the different color schemes are selected in the options window?

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