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Best Banner Making Software ?


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Can People over here,, who hav any experience in bannner making or have a least designed a good 1 :P ,, tell me

which is the best software to design banners ????

i tried banner maker pro but i dint like dat!! :unsure:

actually i need to design a banner for a medical site fo frend of mine


I MEAN DAT GIF IMAGE WITH sliding back flash was good!!! :D

@ teddy

i think teddy u designed dat !! is it???? B)

can u tell me how u designed dat and which font is dat 1???

i m rally thinking of getting such type of logo!!

btw teddy i mailed u regarding dat topic which i started way back 3 mths and till i havnt got any reply


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In my opinion, to make a static banner you need only one tool - Photoshop

If you want an animated banner, then you should try a combination of Flash and Photoshop.

Good Luck with the creation of your banner!

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Photoshop is all you need. Unless like EclipTic said you want some animated stuff also.

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yes i want to make animated banner!

what sort of flash software i need??? which is the best one!!


i want to make same banner as "snd" had b4!!

i think u must all be knowing about that!!

just almost same banner!!

offcourse with different written matter!!! :P

can u tell me how that was made!???

i hav asked teddy too ,, but he is not replying,,may be busy with his cute baby !! :)

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crackworld, you can also use PaintShopPro, Uleads PhotoImpact, Corel, or whatever you prefer.

For static things they are all the same. Just have a look you can create layers and the job is almost done. ^_^

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go to google.. type in: "flash banner creator" or "banner creator"./// take a good look around there..

we ain't a big archive of wonder and programms ;) just try to search for yourself a bit more,

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1st of all, let me say that the "old" logo that you are talking about is not gone. It is part of a different forum skin. The forum skins can be changed in the lower left corner of the forum. Please see here for more information:


Okay, so you want to make an animated logo. As, I said in my first reply..... you need Flash and Photoshop. They are both from Adobe. I'm currently using Flash 8 and Photoshop CS3... I've not yet updated to Flash CS3.

Quick Start Guide: Create static graphics in photoshop. Import the static images into flash. Create your motion tweens and animation effects in Flash. Export the movie as a sequence of BMP's. Import each image in the sequence of BMP's into photoshop as seperate layers. Make each layer a frame in the animation, optimize, and save.

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and for last,, if you wish to create simpel flash banners with not too much work try: "swish" or "swishmax" or "swishstudio" I remember snd having one release with swish, not sure though ;)

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Thnks,, :)

let me try both!!

So dis is a new theme!! good!!

btw i like the old one!! thou this is bit techno one!! :)

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Use Photoshop 7.0, its the best version ever those new versions has many pro-lamers options so you wont learn much from it. And the newest version needs more RAM.

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