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It has now been provided for free: everybody in the world can now be tracked down by his/her mobile phone as a free GPS service worldwide (if GPS service is available locally)

It is said that the service has already been misused in controlling his/her partner :wacko: though laws in USA don't accept it as proof.


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oh.. it's just a joke. :lol:

I thought exif info tracking in jpegs is already a free webservice, what the hell comes next.

uhh.. I getting paranoid.

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only doctors and such should of been able to have access to cell phones (i think)....technology advances and so does the headaches that go with it as well!!

i miss my ol` beeper... :P



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hey is that blah :P:lol:

hehehe..if i told you the real truth you wouldnt believe me...lol :D

ill be home probably tomorrow.. ;)

cheers all


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