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Snd Gifkeygen Template #1


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File Name: SnD gifKEYGEN Template #1

File Submitter: Ufo-Pu55y

File Submitted: 19 Jun 2007

File Category: Keygen Templates


well, EclipTic and I had the idea to do some .gif stuff.

So I found a nice gif player library (big thx to akyprian !).

Really easy to use and allows multiple gifs.

The use of the fading scroller might be interesting for

some of u as well, since I couldn't find a source for it.

It's not perfect and not easy to adjust, but I tried my

best to make everthing clear.

Big thx to EclipTic for the cool template+gif !

The source is written in MASM and

the Photoshop project is included, but u can

notify EclipTic or me, if u want ur name or whatever in it !

Furtheron u can expect more of this work in the future ;)

Comments are welcome + pls report bugs !

Click here to download the MASM source + Photoshop project

Download the keygen only:SnD_Keygen.rar


Edited by Ufo-Pu55y
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This is a hell of a KeyGen template UFO-Pu55y ^^

i love it the GFX from EclipTic is awesome as usuall and your coding is great a combination from you both' and thanks for the source i'll check it out looks intresting........!!

Keep it up guys :D

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Gee thanks, that kicks *** !

Especially the source is something I was looking for, I'm a n00b at coding with dialogs :/

Thanks for sharing it :hug:

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It looks almost like a flash, but really very nice soft zoom effect for a gif.. and the cutting edge. :)

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Very nice work with the coding Ufo! ;) Looks great.

Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm glad you like it, cause I've already started working on the GFX for another. :P

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It's really nice :)

But it doesn't work for me ... :(

The instruction in "0x77e18ce8" refers to memory in "0x055c6630". The procedure "read" could not be accomplished on the memory

Can you fix it please? :)

regards Tentates

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