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Guest always.drunk

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Guest always.drunk

being a newbie, i know that this might not even appear with he 30 post rule, but if it does, my Q is how does one compliment the other?

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Guest always.drunk

hi Ted,

being new at this, i want to learn the basics to this art of extending evaluation periods indefinitely.

so my question is, how are the tutorials here @SnD, the same, or different from the tutorials @TUT4YOU ? and is one created to cater to certain train of thoughts & the other, one for another methodical approach ?

and of course the ancient secret question is, where do i start ? ;)

thanks for having me. consider this my enrollment to the university of SnD.


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Tuts4you is the "archive of knowledge", this is the forum.

As for where to start, Lena151's lessons are a good place. You can find them on Tuts4you

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Ah, maybe always.drunk is a bit confused about the login systems.

You can login to the forum with several issues incl. our graphicial areas

and the other thing is giving comments to the big library tuts4you.

As much as i think they are connected like you can use the java chat

when you are logged from the tuts4you or forum base.

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