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File Name: P340

File Submitter: EclipTic

File Submitted: 12 Jun 2007

File Category: Keygen Templates

This features an old keygen template by P340 made back in 2005.

Unfortunately, we only had a JPG image of it. Upon request, I've "rebuilt" the image in Photoshop. The included PSD file has separate layers for up/over/down buttons. Everything is very similar to the original except I added an about and an exit button to match.

Files included are the PSD, and a screen-shot. I did not crop out seperate files for the up/over/down buttons (I was in a lazy mood today). The font is a windows standard, so it is not included either.

Click here to download this file and/or see a full size screen shot

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Attached a compiled version for anyone interested.

Changed it slightly (removed the "....by P340" as it was in a dumb place).

Nice work though EclipTic - thanks for the conversion.


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Nice coding Loki looks damn good :D i love this one.........

although i think the text scroller's font should be thiner "changing it" would look awesome i think ^^

Great Art Guys Keep It Up !!!

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