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Is Everything Crackable?

Is everything crackable?  

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  1. 1. Can RCE crack anything/everything?

    • I can code uncrackable stuff myself
    • Everything can be cracked
    • Some stuff is uncrackable

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Every local program can be cracked.

Some things can make programs theoretically impossible to crack. Such as running parts of the program on remote server or hardware protections (as used in game consoles). But since nothing is done perfect, even those things are crackable.

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I think if a man can CREATE a software than obviously man can CRACK a software .

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Silicon can almost commonly be reversed now by some people with a cheap(they are expensive as fornication) scanning electron microscope.. game over


Best case scenario: complex silicon(crazy mesh design with material shielding) with properly implemented encryption and internal chain of trust to avoid glitching and bus tapping except directly on BGA. Code injection and execution are you adversaries outside lengthy silicon RE. The best design I know right now is xbox 360, it was barely hacked by a lot of skilled people and is currently locked down.


It's really all economics.. Block ciphers can be directly brute forced, but the time out-weighs the rewards. You need hardware assist. for keys and chains.


@lena51: I'm gonna troll a bit.. If it's so good why wouldn't the industry be racing to put it on software? SCE probably makes tens of millions a year of securom and Oreans probably millions at least.. It'd be hard for the scene to ignore if it was on AAA games and stock market solutions..

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With enough time and resources yes, it is

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