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Thanks, but even for newbs too easy (I guess) :rolleyes:

BTW, ur keygenme looks quite odd over here:



Mourad, didn't i fix that problem ??

it seems its back again :D that sucks :verymad: !!

i'll check source again...........


I've attached a simple MASM progarmming visual template for letting you check what can be done

without GFX :D nothing much thought and it can be editted i removed the name, serial strings

add a simple text scroller and caption scroller this one was long while ago and i lost source :lol:

so i'll need to program all over but it's easy............. hope you like it !!

"It's My ExeCryptor Study Victim lol........."


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Good try for a first!

mourad isn't a first timer ;) ,, btw mourad I will be back at the team

now I have got exams


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