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Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

cond0lence kindly gave me a few logos, keygen/patch templates that were done a few years ago by an old member of Seek n Destroy (AC!D) and by other various members of the forum. Instead of deleting them or filing them to ancient history I have uploaded them to the Gallery, hopefully to be reincarnated in the future by new members of the team.

There are quite a few logos and keygen templates so I'll just post a link to the Galleries they reside in, check them out :P

Keygen Templates


Patch Templates


General Logos



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Are they just jpg's or am I being dumb and cannot find the download link?

Would be great to have the PSDs for these templates as well.


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Teddy Rogers

They were all done prior to PSD's being requested so unfortunately if anyone wishes to use them they will have to be used without. I at least do not have any PSD files from these... :dunno:


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Yeah, really sad that no PSDs were available, may for inspiration enough.

I'm thinking to rebuild a few. This would improve my PS skill and we would get PSDs.

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I'm thinking to rebuild a few.

I was thinking the same thing :) If you reversers let us know which you would like to have a PSD for, let us know. Between cond0lence and I, we should be able to "rebuild" the image into a PSD.

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