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Armoured 2007 fixed


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File Name: Armoured 2007 fixed

File Submitter: cond0lence

File Submitted: 29 May 2007

File Updated: 5 Jun 2007

File Category: Keygen Templates

Just a little piece happened yesterday in a hurry to show somebody how this feels like being under friendly fire, caused by misunderstanding. May pics could speak for me: I was just breathless and so I rise my Armour. But too late, already something hit. How can we apologize, if there is nothing to apologize, nor we understand what? Just falling on my knees in wish to let this war end. Voiceless screeming: Thanx for the trigger, maybe I needed that, maybe I earned that. Enough! Brainstorm ends here.

P.S.: Happy downloader,

if you don't understand anything about that above, I'm sure, ignor it.

I was just on the opinion everything needs a little story.

Best Wishes, cond0lence.

100% pure Photoshop.

Have fun.

Ok, a new has arrived the info was written so fast (yesterday) that this 'prob.' has just solved itself.

Me and my out of control going phantasies, damn emotions :teehee:

Sorry only .ttf, .psd, .png

changelog of fixed version:

- center realigned, useless layers erased, replaced with accurate solution, a few kb reduzed ;)

- colors adjusted for a better theme looking

- splitted to 2 seperate themes

- close-boxes added

- corners blackouted, may retangular style is easier if you want to build a keygen

Click here to download this file

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Hi cond0lence

Happy downloader here. :yes:

Need to find the right app keygen to make proper use of your work - thanks for sharing.



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Sexy tamplate, will look good on some keygens like Ziggy & Loki Said :D

i love this one great work bro' keep it up !!

Cheers To All

Edited by Angel-55
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Nice work cond0lence. Thanks for sharing your work, and your inspiration.



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Great PS talent.

Even if I didn't like the outcome, kinda too much loaded, but bro, you're really talented. Keep up the good work.

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thanx for the complements.

I see the corners are not fully combined (round)

So this calls after a fixed version.

May adding a new layer or just crop that sh.. eh stuff.

The short message had more priority, hope the one understand it now(!) when someother can't simple say plain word.

Damn Photoshop never does what it should, but you get that back oneday in a visual revenge or when I'm leaving you forever. You are not my friend, just a stupid tool.


You are right, I realized already and its the first time a get in CS3 viewed a progress bar. :blink:

Edited by cond0lence
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Version fixed.

Who's interested a short changelog is added.

P.S.: The progress bar is maybe not the prob. of the template,

I think CS3 wants just more memory from me. :sweat:

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