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That's drawing LOL.. no seriously the guy | girl is skilled :)

I wish I had a tablet PC, it would ease lotsa things :(

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no seriously the guy | girl is skilled :)
C'mon, guys, that's kinda cheating !

But I'd say skilled (macro)coder... :rolleyes:

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I watched the video from the 1st post and wanted to download the video but I couldn't ... After some hours of work, I coded a tool that allows to grab videos from www.collegehumor.com, Click here to go to the "CollegeHumor Grabber" topic.

PS : By the way the man of the video is really awesome.


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I can't beleive this, I saw first the picture and I said, what is special about it ? I really thought that it was a real one !! But the hell it's made with photoshop, wow it's very impressive, really an awesome amazing work !! :thumbsup:


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Looks easy, when I recognizing the tool boxes that flashing up.

I wished our local retailer had more Wacom's stuff or like that available.

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Guest Pixelated

That would make for a killer resume to send your prospective employer. That would sure make people remember you.

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