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I know I want to learn programming, so I am asking, How long did it take you? did you read it in a book or colledge?

How had it it to learn VB?

Because i know I will be one of the best programmers out there :thumbsup:

Of couse all in good time :sorc:

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Easy, programming can be learned online by books, web pages, tutorials

anything that is related to programming can be found on internet and as for how

long it takes well it's really up to you my friend you decide if you are gonna learn

fastly or slowly, that's your call so you decide about it............ i really don't recommend VB

my opinion for starting C++ it the best language it has very common thing to assembly and

API's debuggers and so on........ so it should be your first choice after that you can move to

MASM a great art for programming in assembly a real impressive language you'll die for it :)

it's not easy though but that is cool any way if you don't wanna choose MASM then move to VC++

for getting some more advanced, functioned things it's really wide for programming you can do anything

with it "like other languages of course" but not at the same level of easyness :D

Good Luck with Your Learning Hope You'll Succeed :lol:

Cheers To All

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my opinion for starting C++ it the best language
True, but it is wicked hard - try java first imho. then the move to c++ isn't quite as bad.
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