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Good work bro, good to see some new work from ya for SnD. The Team SnD font / lettering is great.

Keep it up!

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@A.summers LOOOOL nb

O.o whats up wif dat?

How long did it take you to get to do that skin?

Did you use PSP or Photoshop?

What would you reccomend to begin?

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wa 7aya7ti a khay JetCodE! ..... yeah yeah i know everyone will ask what this lang ... it means you rock ... nothing more nothing less :P

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Maybe Arabic :P lol

جميلة جدا هه اجل اكتب العربية فقط يا صديقي :)

nice work JetCode!!

cool art keep it up bro'

Cheers To All

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@ Killboy: I posted the whole resources, that means, you can use it bro :D

@BytePtr: Lah i7fadk akhay.. ila khasek chi skin, hani hnaya.. LOL

@all: Thank you'll. It's a pleasure..

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