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I Get A Trojan Hit

Guest naides

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Guest naides


I apologize if this subject has been talked about before, I did my best to search the board and found no obvious references.

I am of course, a fan of Lena's excellent series of tuts for newbies and not so newbies, like me :rolleyes:

I do not know if this is a false positive, or a problem with the files, but every time I unRAR the downloaded Lena's files I get a virus report pointing to some file snd.nfo.exe identified as NewMalware.aj

I have seen this behavior in two different computers, both using McAfee viruscan.

Is this a local problem in my system, or some one else has seen this problem?

Thank you

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Guest shot

your problem is:

McAfee viruscan

snd.nfo.exe is probably just packed with something and McAfee doesnt know how to handle it and reports virus

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So many false positives these days, I wonder why people still use AV. Once had an AV bitch about a game I installed that was using the remote update of some remote protection. Man that was a laugh :lol:

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Well, the newest Kaspersky version doesn't detect anything

and NOD32 doesn't either so it's a fake alarm don't worry

all SnD's files are totaly clean from such harm full application

like : MalWares, Torjans,Spywares,Viruses.................ect

so feel free to open the file and don't worry i download many things from

that site nothing is possibly infected by a harm full application trust me ;)

and change that dummy anti-virus it's sucks many complains about it

try getting a serious program for such purpose mate:D

Cheers To All

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McAfee is crap. I usually use my company laptop to connect and the McAffee Enterprise (when I havent killed all processes and services) goes mad at WinUPack.

There are a few others, but it really hates WinUPack.

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snd.nfo.exe is the team's info viewer, created in assembler by ALiEN and packed winUpack v0.39b. There is definately no virus in it.

Well, congratulations McAfee

@naides: thanks for reporting it. I will take measurements.


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How did my post get before yours? I replied to you lena?

Some database dodginess (technical term) going on here!

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I think that Mcafee hates WinUPack so badly

because it destroys the resource section and

plays a bit too much with the PE Header as we all know

Mcafee scans file form out side simply and gets intrested in the

PE Header so any unusuall bytes will make it get excited to warn you !!

to be honest to me there is no thing such as perfect or better Anti-Virus

they all have there problems though some might be less than others but

at the end your PC will be screwed by them not Viruses lol :D

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