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can people tell,,

which are the best proxy sites available ???

i mean which have all the features like which porvide good service,

both types of proxies,

which really provide good proxies ,,

and especially which work for sites like rapidshare etc as my isp seems to hav a problem with rapidsharee rht now and i need dat badly rht now !!

i hav tried many sites but some r not working and and some r not providing "post screen type " free of charge like proxify.com !!

so what r the free optins available ??? ;)

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Well tbh I was being quite neive and thought it was just some kid wanting it for looking at love, but yeh fair point now you mention it.

Carders=Scum-SupaSta(nice guy)

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To get your self a proxy site or list you can type "anonym proxy list"

and google for it i'am sure you'll have many results for such a search

cause infact proxies are really popular these days because of there usefull usage

for hidding private information on you :D !!

Cheers To All

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Weren't you the one asking about carding and complaining your card was stolen? :)

He was, yeah. Not sure he's managed one single post related to reversing, but hey.

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crackworld, you've just been warned. Stick to this forum matter if you wish to remain member of this nice community.

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