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Pirates Release Fully Cracked Vista Install


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A widely available release, located at the usual pirate havens, from a scene group entitled 'NoPE' (which doesn't appear to have released much else) has quickly become the most highly sought-after asset of eye-patched, peg-legged, shoulder-mounted-parrot pirate types.

Vista has been leaked in every conceivable form and in all its various releases and flavours, but has still remained difficult to crack for the average swashbuckling black-beard.

Various timer programs forcing the activation to hold off indefinitely and other cracks haven't come close to the efficiency of the recent OEM BIOS emulation tool-kit that has floated about - but which is significantly more difficult to use that a 'normal' crack or serial.

The NoPE release has a major key difference to other previous pirated copies of Vista - it is completely cracked, the product appears activated, updates work, and no key needs to be entered, straight from the installation media without any effort on the part of the pirate.

More: here

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well they can rls and it works, till patches for those dll's.

still i dont know why micro**** havent done server side check for downloads.

but when they do that people can move to linux so its better to keep monopoly.

like one ceo in microsoft said if people have to use pirated software better it will be microsoft software :P

im not jokeing)

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I imagine it is just the OEM bios kit pre-embedded with a key to be honest.

Vista is the ONLY OS I have never purchased (and doubtful I ever will, I chose XP when I purchased my machine over vista).

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human, don't you think that forcing people to buy Windows would shake up Microsofts predominant position? :) They don't want to protect it. If one can write an OS he sure can protect it much much better too.

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Well, nice to hear that but i'am really impressed for such

an unknown group to be such famous in one release F**k

reverse engineers work day and night /24/365 to become

a good known group and these get the job done by one release :D

Human it might be true but what Cektop said is correct we all know M$

and it's coders a bunch of "Coding Guys" they have some real good stuff

comming out each time i doupt that they don't know how to protect Windows

so they does this to make Windows more famous, who the F**k wants to buy

an original windows cd anyway ??! these days........ none does even not you and me

maybe cause we are sure that there is an original version some where on the web or

maybe we just wanna use Linux and Unix ?! could be........... nothing is for sure but i guess

M$ wants it's releases to be spread out thats why they have no checks for keys "protection"

lets think of it that way....... image what would have happened a while ago if there where no

window versions on web !! well i think none of us would have ever known M$ and it's systems

unless we use it true....? the only thing that helped M$ by crossing it's way to the top was the

guys who shared windows versions on web and gave keys, serials, patches...........ect now i don't

think M$ would even think about protecting it's systems ever although many buy Vista these days

but trust me it's not worth it....... i tried it for a week and got sick of it it's sucks big time because of

performance the only good thing in it is the graphics which M$ devolped that was awesome but speed

and stability sucks big time ;) so i still recommend XP SP2 "although in my opinion" 98 was the best and it's still !!

almost no problems at all and all worked fine with it a real stable system and a speedy performance

bad GUI appearence but WTF ? none cares for it so 98 is number (1) for now .................. don't forget

that SoftICE works perfect on it too :D lol

Cheers To All

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you can do such a "pre-activated" windows vista CD yourself with a few scripts. seems to be nothing special. i made such a CD just for fun, then tried in VMWare and after all deleted the image. there are also several manuals on the net how to do it. These editions install the crack after setup and then restart the PC when logging on the first time.

I'm happy that my PC is vista-free. i don't see any changes in it which would be worth a change (only new firewall rules seems to be interesting, but there are much more interesting products on market with more features). XP SP2 is running fine.

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Yeah it's true creating such CD is easy

i made too in the last two years some stupid things where modified

you know no need for any reversing knowledge to do such thing and

yeah indeed patches are mostly installed after the windows setup is finished

but some versions has the cracked in it's folder replaced or added with the files

which makes it better than restarting for the first time :D still looks great to hear

that some new group does such a job lol !!

as for vista it has many features better and worse than XP

and example of nice features is like you said the firewall protection

is better although many programs on web devide you such protection

and the graphical effects are changes in this windows and were extremely

improved the only thing which makes many of us wanna try it, we are all sick

of the old XP's style that's why many use different themes the whole time so a changing is good

but when it comes for graphics more than performance then it's not worth it indeed, problems are

slow performance, heavy system, too much memory usage, extremely new so there are no much

programs that work on it and most important "RCE tools" 10% are not XP supported the other i think

isn't Vista supported so how the hell are we gonna move to such windows ??!

a question we should all check out ;)

Cheers To All

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Nah, he is not dead Willie he is on a vacation i guess :D

he is busy a while by oding if i'am not mistaken he has a few releases

and especially his last plugin you know so nop he is alive and still RCEing ;)

Hope To See Him Around More !!

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Btw, I know for fact that MS doesn't require WGA for all IPs. Until few month's ago they didn't require it here. I guess they decide that based on countries economy. I didn't notice any brakethrough in my country's economy though :) But maybe Windows is cheaper here... Last time I checked XP Home edition costed about 80EUR (around 108$)

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Teddy Rogers

Wait until at least SP1 for Vista is released and on the shelf and at the same time buy a new system - with it pre-installed if you wish. Waiting a little longer should give you some time to putting a few pennies aside for it...


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Ya! wait for the SP's of vista, like XP on first time release has many compatibility problems.....


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sorry angel but i dont agree, 98 was ok but best is xp, its most stable and fastest system aviable now. 98 uses mixed 16 and 32bit drivers, old not updated kernel and anything can exploit it to ring0, crash and do whatever you want.

linux? no thx i was using it few years until it started growing bigger than xp, slower, and more windows like, all cli tools removed, use xfree or edit conf files like slackware. so why have another windows?

softice runs perfectly fine on my xpsp2, too bad they dont like each other with daemon tools.

and 3.46 daemon doesnt support new securom. good maybe syser will be soon more stable and take over softice.

with 4000$ price for softice they know best why they have to drop it.

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human, it's ok i like others opinions but as i see

you supported your opinion on SP2 now lets get a little back

you know while XP showed at first it sucked big time no SP's

f**ks your PC because of it's slow performance why booting

while starting up......you know that crap to old i guess 98 had

no such problems and yeah ring0 expolites WTH 98 was even much more

stable than XP with SP1 true SP2 is better but for that time nah 98 always won

by many things today the things that changed are PC not much though but as

for old P2 or P3 stability yes indeed 98 was better but P4 nah i don't think so this

CPU is too much complicated to be handled by that ring0 system hhh not much

expected from it after SP2 arrived but i like it true SoftICE isn't the solution for us

these days and it can't run on all system i have SP2 and is doesn't and i never use

M$ crap like updates they suck........there is one thing we shoudl agree on and that

is that SoftICE is still best ring3 and ring 0 debugger available none can't disagree

with it yeah maybe syser will "and i think so" get over softICE with it's debugger

but for now we'll stick with this fact until things get changed lol :D !!

i don't mean Olly isn't in the list of debggers but it has some limitations while working

like the bugs and problems because of it's file loading and DLL's and so you know

it can't debug ring0 and it handles very unwell INT 3 instructions but that doesn't make

it a bad debugger and for some reason it's cool and does almost anything you want

so we'll stick with it i tried syser but nah it's wasn't that much for me i didn't like it

maybe you disagree with that but we all have our favorite tools :D and that's a good thing

Unix.... huh WTF ?? i tried Unix, Linux, Windows "is was the best" after an experience it's truely

and wonderful system to use but everything has it's positive and negative sides bro' ;)

i really respect your opinion human and like your disscutions

cool to see you around and cheers to you and all !!

Best Regards,


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well to softice, it doesnt work with newest kernel due no updated osinfo.dat

but you can always use kernel.exe before march 2007

next softice crashes a lot on xpsp2 but its due nvidia drivers and synchro problems

i was using on my old gf6600 67.02 drivers and had no problems, newer drivers cause hangups.

even newest drivers cause problems like with lost planet demo on 8800 152.48 when you enter first warehouse in game then it freezes and after while windows pops window that something bad happened inside nvidia drivers, and only way is to hard reset, when i installed newest 160.02 beta i can play whole level without problems.

so same should apply to softice.

i will not talk about catalyst due its biggest crap.

earlier also on my gf4ti it was crashing in brothers in arms when i entered softice, but when i run game windowed no crash ever, i wrote about it to numega but they dont give a ****. softice is still best ring0, but such debugger i need once for a while. 99% of time olly is enough and works with daemon tools.

with xp its was problem when there was no sp, after sp1 it become most stable system, sp2 doesnt change anything to xp,only diffrence is multicore cpu,no execution on stack(emulated due only 64bit cpus have nx(no execution)flag), and still its 2007 and sp2 doesnt support sata, you need that ****ed F6.

vista well its system to promote dx10 and force you to change you old good xp, anybody saw dx10 tests?

well ms**** told xp architecture is too week for dx10! ok! so why 15% loss? then why dx9 lost planet runs 2x faster than dx10 version with dx10 drivers? it suppose be 4x faster like they said, so far we all know that aero slows down all, and when i read or watched vista developers blogs and they say they improved for example dsound engine speed on vista by 250% then all i can do is laugh.

there was also somewhere note than every ms**** programmer does 200 lines of code per month, sorry i do more in a day sometimes. so we will wait with vista till sp1 or sp2, and use vista with xp in multiboot, so far i had on my old w98 to use speeddisk best defrager and fat32, on new i have only ****ty ntfs and xpsp2 and good that ultimatedefrag came out. its best defrager for xp and ntfs

well to olly and his bugs, it has a lot of them but its ring3 debugger and it uses win debug api, so if there are bugs,then olly also have them, olly is just like a frontend for debug api, same is with fdbg asm written debuger for vista 64bit, so far only 1, softice only can debug 64bit on remote machine over lan or modem and this suxx

Edited by human
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Yeah it's true SoftICE and new drivers are totaly conflicted :)

many problems due nvidia but i never used there cards i hate them

to me ATI are the best graphical chips ever it's true through testing

i had nvidia cards and ATI cards even though nvdia costed me alot more than

the ATI i bought a few years ago ATO works better for some reason graphics

are clearer and better well nothing much to say even ATI doesn't include SoftICE

one working :) so F**k it M$ suckers damage everything many were in a hurry to

buy this f**ked up new Vista well it's not that system to jump at stil buggy a bit

and waiting till SP's i think it's gonna be a long while as for me no vista :nono:

i'll stick with XP for now maybe after a few years i'll change my mind but for now

no thanks :D

there were some changes in CPU like speeding performance and adding all the new things

you talked about , something changed today even a little changment can make problems

and that's what happened with us in the first place it could be a system problem or even a

PC problem but who cares as long as there is a solution for it ............ ?!

yeah olly helps almost 99% of situations and can be handled by a pro even with INT 3

you know to be honest i don't think problems are by soft by by the users them selfs

olly has a few bugs its true but they can be fixed and handled manually like MaRKuS did

for example he patched the whole olly and fixed bugs so it's not a problem but others make it so :D

FAT32 was screwing a few things up and slowing system too NTFS is the best solution for XP SP2

i use NTFS it's better than FAT32 or FAT i wish every system uses NTFS but it's not possible you know

some say NTFS is a bit buggy and screws you r PC but nah it's the best choice for a working PC

no problems no slowness no bugs almost 96% no crashes so it's really stable unlike old FAT32

which needed a new restart each while :D that was in many old PC's not now but it was really

a problem for us to handle it hhh...............

well **** M$ and PC's for now i'am tired so i'am gonna leave my PC running

like usuall "it ever shuts down" it's better this way....... !!

Cya guys and have a nice day / night "maybe both :D "

Cheers To All

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