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Microsoft: Open Source Software Violates 235 Patents


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Microsoft: open source software violates 235 patents 

Microsoft claims that free and open-source software violates more than 230 of its patents, according to a magazine report published Sunday. In an interview with Fortune, Microsoft top lawyer Brad Smith alleges that the Linux kernel violates 42 Microsoft patents, while its user interface and other design elements infringe on a further 65. OpenOffice.org is accused of infringing 45, along with 83 more in other free and open-source programs, according to Fortune. It is not entirely clear how Microsoft might proceed in enforcing these patents, but the company has been encouraging large tech companies that depend on Linux to ink patent deals, starting with its controversial pact with Novell last November. Microsoft has also cited Linux protection playing a role in recent patent swap deals with Samsung and Fuji Xerox. Microsoft has also had discussions, but not reached a deal with, Red Hat, as noted in the Fortune piece. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is also quoted in the article as saying Microsoft

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software patents are out of hand

next they will claim that firefox renders html therefore mozilla most pay microsoft cause that "patented" it

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