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Hi ive just started my new job djing at my local club and it has got my creative juices flowing so i have decided to try and make some new songs, so here is the first one its called fly away and is hard dance please have a listen and give me some feed back. Bear in miond i have not made a song in over 3 years so its not brilliant but with your help i will get better so please leave as much feedback as possible even bad feed back is appreceated but be kind i am rusty and i have to learn how to use the software again. The song was made using reason 3 and cubase so here is the link which will be updated with new songs as soon as they are made


so please enjoy and if you dont please let me know were i went wrong so i can improve :D:D:D

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Hi H2O,

I almost made charts to analyse this.

These are my collected results:

that's nice:

- My first thought the starting part takes so long, now I'm thinking may this "that's nice" sample is a bit overused.

fly away:

- I just like that:

You never know what's coming next, drifting away with piano or bells.

May because I'm a fan of this hypno-flickering at the beginning.

Anyway, keep it up.

Allways ready to :bounce::)

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