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i wanted to know certain things this cc frauds are all about??

i hav heard dat most hackrs are after all traceable due to one or other things they left out :)

but how come these agencies go about all these problems of illegal usage for those ccards??

what is the whole working/method they go for after someone uses a valid cc illegally ?

like ip recordings from isp etc etc??


for example a person,, does online shopping for some goods from a foriegn countries site and then delivers them to his/her own country (may be at some temporary adress) !

then how should dat person whose actually dat cc is ,,,shd go about and get dat thief out?? :verymad:

how will the whole investigation will go on? :blink:

will dat foriegn site ,,will give d adrss to which goods were delivered and other information abt dat user to the local investigating agency ( i think he local agency only goes inevstigating :confused: ! correct me if i m wrong)

and how come dat agency will know dat dat ip shopped on dat very foriegn site?????

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Let's cut to the chase - you are considering Carding??... DON'T.. there you go - simple as that!

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but man i m not askin for dat bcoz i m goin to!!! :confused:

i hav done dat already to a small extent already &

to be true i think dats why they didnt investigate dat! :flowers:

but man this time its me who is at the bad end


i hav lost aprox 350$ hardearned money of mine! :help

actualy i m a new user of cc and dont know how some1 stole dat!

i just used it 2wice online and dat too on good security sites!

may be some one from my area only was spying on me! :verymad:

dat is what i want to know?


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mr admin i never said dat no one can read me ! :dunno:

there r many sites with lots of f***n things written abt these frauds bt i really dont exactly know how to catch dat user!

off course dat is not mine work bt

i m myself a quite oriented to pcs and such stuff and

u may be knowing what happens when we loose our dear things and this time it was nothing less then my own money as i said!

there is nothing wrong in reading a book :unsure: but i m just asking for help!

nothing else as i think its a great forum !

i hav been here for my problems from quite long time!

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i m not here asking for hacking ccrads! :unsure:

wats goin on man? :dunno:

i hav heard dat u r a patient buddy as told by my frend (a close one)named jingboy

i think u must be knowing dat name and offcourse u can ask him

he only refernced me to ur site initially,, when i asked in dis forum!

that time also once u closed the thread and reopened it!

man plz first think abt it!!

i m just asking for help and how can i trace dat user as that person even ahs delivered goods at my place only at some hotel or motel as some people call,who dont keep identity proof!

plz first think abt dat and then close threads man! :worthy:

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plz first think abt dat and then close threads man! :worthy:

Firstly, after the forum Admin closes a thread - that's it.. don't argue the toss!

Your story doesn't make any sense.. for example..

Who is your Credit Card company??

When did you notify them of the fraudulent activity on your card??

What date was the card cancelled??

When did you realise that illegal activity had occurred on your account, prior to paying your monthly bill - or - were you checking an on-line account statement and realised that all was not well and then notified your CC company??

Why does your CC provider not offer you CC Fraud Protection??

I thought the majority of companies now offered a max limit of liaibilty for customers.. eg: $50 max.. so why is your CC company holding you accountable for $350??

So given that your story answers none of those relevant questions.. nor makes any sense.. one can only assume you are asking for un-toward reasons.

The Umpire has said "OUT" - and that's Ted.. so build a bridge and get over it.

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Teddy Rogers

You will have to contact your credit card company and they will have to deal with it.

I will not be opening the other topic since the above sentence sums it up quite well.

Yes, I like to think I can be a patient person at times, please accept that this topic is now closed.

Please say hello to JingBoy for me, I hope he is doing well... :flowers:


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