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Long Arm Of The Copyright Laws?

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This article appeared on the front page of a major Australian newspaper today

BEFORE he was extradited to the United States, Hew Griffiths, from Berkeley Vale in NSW Australia, had never even set foot in America. But he had pirated software produced by American companies.

Now, having been given up to the US by former justice minister Chris Ellison, Griffiths, 44, is in a Virginia cell, facing up to 10 years in an American prison after a guilty plea late last month.

Griffiths' case

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reading that is so sad....theres so many things and bad people in the world to be more concerned with and to be F'n with such things especially after reading this bit...

"(By way of comparison, the average sentence for rape in Victoria is six years and 10 months) "

there trying to make a example out of the hippie...sure he did wrong but not worthy of his sentance..its not like he made the companies he "cracked" go broke or anything (or purchased ferraris or diamon rings with the money he never made)...that would be a differant story in my opinon but they just didnt reap the extra money they would have made...im not saying its right or proper but the level of punishment he got is way harsh...

im sure something less minor would have taught him a lesson and he'd never try to do such things again in the future (aka razor leader)...if these software companies were smart they'd offer the guy a job to keep things safe from a inside point of view....

DOD werent just some lamer group but that shows the degree of talent some of those dudes had...they were world-wide and contained...

these software compaines will never learn...busting one group simply leads to many others that do the same thing....gathering knowledge from such crews would help them protect themselves better in the future..

jail time is way to harsh for such crimes (unless they were hacking credit #'s and such things..that would be a tad more worthy of jail but not 10yrs)...a fine and probation is more feasable...

just my 3 cents

peace all


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It's all about the benjamins...

and take USA anyways, a stupid country where you can patent colors, and words.

I think I'll put in a patent for Hexadecimal, and then the entire world owes me money. LOL

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Teddy Rogers

You can find more information about DoD here and the other sentences imposed on the remaining members:


I think its shameful that Australia is getting more and more sidelined with the US. I am quite sure that if the shoe was on the other foot US authorities would not let a US citizen be deported and charged/sentenced for a crime in another country he never commited there. It just goes to show Australia is more focused on securing and buttering up US trade commitments than it is in protecting its citizens... :(


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US being an ogre is nothing new but Australia not having any pride and not protecting their citizens... Shameful...

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Teddy Rogers

Present Australian government is trying its best to reform the country and mould it in to a mini-America. Hopefully the Aussies will wisen up come polling day later this year...


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US being an ogre is nothing new but Australia not having any pride and not protecting their citizens... Shameful...

Sadly Australia was the only country to offer up its citizen as a sacrifice. There were many members of DoD all over the world but no other country turned its back on its own citizens.


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Australia: USA's 51st State..


.........Free trade.. possibly??

.........Military Alliances.. absolutely!

As you guys know.. USA is a done deal for us as far as free trade agreements go.. China and India... resources.. Uranium.. that's where the politician hardons are coming from now.

But think military alliances... think good ol' US of A...

Yes sir.. no sir.. three bags full :worthy:


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Wait a second guys, don't be so hard on the US. I agree that this an terrible punishment, and that it is stupid that they went after him in the Aussie, please don't bash the US. Don't get me wrong i would love to live in other countries also, but its still a good country. I really appricate the military because they protect what we have so hard, but i dont always agree with the dumb *** government. We should of been out of Iraq a long time ago. I spent a year there and it makes you feel good while you are there and then when you get back you feel sorry for the people that are still there because they have no choice.

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Guest always.drunk

just like the search for weapons of mass destruction, once more this bush administration is barking up the wrong tree... AGAIN

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