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A Small Question!


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Good, we see my English it is not very good and it will try to explain it the best thing than he can.

I feel to use the forum to make this question, I Would like to communicate to EclipTic, the reason is by one skin...

the dream always was to have skin of EclipTic!

that is everything and excuse for this cuestion and my horrible English. (I am of Argentinean)

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Bien puedes dicir lo que quieres a Eliptic en tu lingua =) uno de nos otros hacemos la tarducion =) lo sinto por mi espagnol =P pero no es mi lingua materna

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Your English is better than any of my 2nd languages. :rolleyes:

You can communicate with me several ways: Try to catch me on IRC.... click the Live Chat link in the forum index. I see that your still a junior member at this forum.... if you contribute more in the conversations here, your status will be soon be upgraded and then you will be able to use PM to contact me.

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Lol bro what lvl is needed to be able to PM? cause sometimes i try to PM one or other member here but then i remember that it's disabled :P :S

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Thanks to all… , it already speaks with EclipTic via IRC..

thanks to offer this forum and to obtain positive answers. :D

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Lol bro what lvl is needed to be able to PM?

You need to be a full member. Exact details on the requirements are in the rules.

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and this doesn't mean you need to post useless so you will get a full-member rank,

if you do.. banning or other things will be done ;) .. well I hope to see you around more

mate, improve your english a bit will doing so will be nice for you too,


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