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Guest Wmambalamb

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Guest Wmambalamb

hey, im kinda new to this forum so lemme know if im in the wrong section

I wanna know:

how do you make the keygen...i dont mean the keys and generating them but just the keygen it self

for example: snd-blazedvd5pro.keygen its simple but it looks good.

also i would like to know is the nfo viewer...it kicks *** man

if anyone could reply to this and tell me if im in the right section

thanks in advance,


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I think he asks about GFX in keygens cektop

so he needs to add GFXing to his keygens to look

better like Ziggy's programming with Ecliptics GFX

these are a nice combination they work great together

so if you wanna make such keygens try using API's for such purpose

and some good GFXes to use after that it's your programming which decides

whether it's cool or not so you'll have to learn programming in ASM "powerfull"

and better to use fr must applications cause it gets algorithms easier than C and

such HLL languages :D

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Teddy Rogers

Yes, I think he means how to create and design the keygen.

I'll move this back to original forum since I don't think questions and answers will be related directly to keygenning... :)


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