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Tutorial: How To Make A Graffity Style Logo


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So here's my first tutorial,

I hope everything will be clear,

If there are any questions or something else, u can ask them of course :)




How the logo looks like at the end (of course just in my case :P ):


Have a nice reading :)

Best Regards,


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Looking forward to having a read of this. No matter what I do with photoshop it looks like I did it in MS Paint. Hope I can pick up a few things.

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Yeah a nice tutorial

i must admit i really enjoyed reading it

i suck at GFXing so hopefully i want to create

some thing good i read this tutorial and many good

things ways explainations are in it so i guess now i can have

at least a few things in Ps that could help me GFXing for my self

still not that much but my performance has been improved since my

last GFXing hhh that one was stupid.........

Thanx' Till.CH for this tutorial........ !!

Keep It Up Man :D

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...like I did it in MS Paint.
Ahaha... nearly same prob over here. Thx 4 the tutty, I catched some new stuff for me !
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I knew this already, the reason why I dont to gfx in that style is you cant use it in a keygen or anything like that. The best way for the font is to draw your own one on paper and scan it. i didnt do it that why I used the smudge tool for everything, it gives you a good result because it can look like 3d. This is what I made in rush long time ago for a website:



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