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Where Can I Find The Opengl Installer?

Guest dimond

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Guest dimond

Yeah, baisicly, I've been wanting to try my hand at coding a simple demo/intro. I found a link to NeHe here, and thought it looked great. However, and forgive me if I am wrong, they don't go into detail on where/how to actually get OpenGL. I tried the OpenGL.org, and could find nothing. Do I need to install opengl, or GLUT, or something else?

:help I'm very confused at this point!

Thanks for any help!

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yeah and nvidia gives you drivers for opengl and dx, masm have includes and libs to compile and use opengl, vcpp also have them, problem is with newest dx, you need to download dx sdk to have libs and includes for dx9.0c or dx10

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Guest dimond

Will it work with Express 2005? That is what I have, and it does not seem to recognize opengl, including windows.h... Or do I need to "buy" VC++?

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... does not seem to recognize opengl, including windows.h...
What do u mean with "recognize" ? Does not find it or what? What's the real error message ?

Find the INCLUDE folder of ur Express 2005 installation (maybe in the PlatformSDK-folder) and put this folder into it:


It doesn't even find windows.h ? Then u didn't declare the right path to it.

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