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Fully Skinned App (keygen/patch/whatever)

Guest SHiFT

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Guest SHiFT

Here's a question for you coders out there, how difficult would it be to incorporate a full skin (including hover on/off images for, say, buttons) into a keygen or a patch or whatever?

I don't have the programming skills, but from what I can tell, it doesn't seem to me that it would be too hard. Am I wrong? What are the problems that someone might encounter? What are the limitations (certain file formats? size?)?

Any insight would be much appreciated.


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What are the limitations (certain file formats? size?)?
Maybe somebody should correct me, if I'm wrong, since I'm no active keygenner or patcher,

but atm I don't (don't want to :) ) see any limitations. It's the format/size of your taste, that should make

limitations alone... :teehee: Of course there might be some hints afterwards to change this or that a lill, to make

it fit for the coding part or whatever, but I think, that won't hurt.

Ok, here's a nice tut, pushed by EclipTic:


It's about how to create a skin for the best and most popular patch creator around.

Then the patcher could apply ur skin with a simple fingersnip ;)


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