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Hi, I'm New Here, And I Have A Question.

Guest diedwater

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Guest diedwater

Hi, guys, this is my first post, before I ask my question, I just wanna say that thanks to the people on this forum for making such awesome contributions!!!

k, now for my question.

I really love the music that plays in the background of keygens, and they all seem to have the same type of music, I love them so much, so times I ll just leave the keygens open so I can hear the music, for example, the keygen for the #1 DVD Ripper, which is what brought me to this site.

can anyone point me to the direction where I might find more music of the same type?

Thank you soooo much :worthy:

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:P well mate,, there called chiptunes, and just google for it ;) also keygenmusic.net has 'real' keygen music, they ripped them out of the keygen's and patches and stuff. For playing them I suggest Modplug player google it or go to modplug.com or something :D btw, there my fave kinda music too :thumbsup:
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Guest ToToRoYN

I'm embarassed to admit it but I am pretty fond of chiptunes myself. MaRKuS TH-DJM used some pretty good ones on his Slysoft cracks.

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