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A Closer Look: Google Earth Darfur Awareness


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I don't claim any special knowledge of the current crisis in Sudan. But after spending some time flying over and zooming in the Darfur region via Google Earth I am a lot more informed. I'm also impressed at Google Earth as a software program and its ability to use the software to do more than just view satellite images of my backyard.


Good to see this tehnology being used for something useful. Impressive stuff. Well done Google.

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looks like a cool app..ive seen it around but never tried it...i think ill give it a go now and see for myself.. :D



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Guest ToToRoYN

I have one question about Google Earth. I know that there are some restrictions on where Google can allow the user to zoom in on (some foreign countries for example). However, I have discovered that there are other places that you cannot zoom in on. For instance, look up the White House and notice that instead of seeing the building, all you see is the foundation. I am sure there is some valid security concern there. Another I noticed is when I was looking up a friends parents house. This guys parents are LOADED and live in one of the most exclusive hoods in San Antonio. When I tried to zoom in on their neighborhood, it got all blurry. Hmmm. You could clearly see the outline of the neighborhood and could see everything around it just fine. It was as if all the money in that neighborhood gave off some toxic cloud preventing people from seeing their money trees. I wonder who they had to pay to keep that out of Googles eye.

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