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Neuro - Die Ewigkeit Schmerzt


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neuro - Die Ewigkeit schmerzt

code - paniq

additional gfx - tournesol

this demo is coded entirely in python, and the entire source

code is included. it features a quite complete svg loader,

and ctypes-based abstractions for sdl and glsl.

the first time running it will take some time because

it needs to render polygons and outlines from the shapes

first. all data is cached, so the second time you run it

it will load quite fast.

gpl licence.



It's not new, but I thought it's really worth being seen.

The "problem" is, that the text's all in german,

but the idea of the zooming really rocks... :thumbsup:

BTW, it was the winner in the demo-section at the EVOKE 2006...

It's too large to attach, so:







As mentioned in the nfo, please be patient after starting the demo,

because there's no progress-bar - on my box it takes nearly 1 min to load!

Have a nice zooming trip... :)

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