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Farbrausch Debris

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

File Name: Farbrausch Debris

File Submitter: Teddy Rogers

File Submitted: 10 Apr 2007

File Category: Demos & Intros

fr-041: debris



visuals, direction: theunitedstatesofamerica (aka fiver2)

code: chaos, ryg

soundtrack: ronny

synthesizer: kb

sound effects: wayfinder

additional graphics: giZMo

additional code: tron

special thanks: fried

system requirements:


- minimum:

* p4 2ghz or athlon 2000+ (with sse)

* 512mb ram

* ps2.0 capable graphics card with 128mb vram

* directx 9.0c

- recommended:

* core2duo or athlon x2 with >=2.4ghz

* 1024mb ram

* geforce 7600/radeon x1600 or better with 256mb vram



- resolution: pick your favourite.

- aspect ratio:

* for fullscreen, pick one that matches your screen.

* for windowed, it should match your desktop resolution.

- multisampling: if you have a fast graphics card, go wild here.

- texture quality:

* normal: lower-than-default texture resolution+dxt compressed textures.

be sure to pick this if you have 512mb ram. (also speeds up loading time)

* high: default texture size, dxt compressed textures. recommended setting.

* ultra: default texture size, no texture compression. pick this if your

system is too fast and you want to burn fillrate and bandwidth for

a barely visible improvement.

- full screen: leave it on if possible :)

- wait for vsync: looks better with vsync on, but turn it off if you want.

- shadows: you can turn off realtime shadowcasting here. makes things faster

(especially with older graphics cards) but definitely looks worse.

- loop demo: turn it on and just don't touch escape, baby!


Click here to download this file

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Holy s***,

I'm just stunning...that's more than awesome!

I just watched 2 min cause of my laggy computer :P but in high resolution and details.

Very nice,

Thank you!

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oO... I think that's the way how cubes should be played with... OMG... insane wizards !

Thanks 4 the post... :plus:

Looking forward to Keygen v2.0 then? :)

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Looking forward to Keygen v2.0 then? :)
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, no prob to catch up their coding experience.

I'll pwn 'em - just gimme 3 days... :hypocrite:

Unreachable 'fo sho...

but then again - it's no keygen, is it ? :bleh:

Edited by Ufo-Pu55y
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