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File Name: Technogun

File Submitter: EclipTic

File Submitted: 2 Apr 2007

File Category: Keygen Templates

A keygen template for all to use. Let me know if you need any modifications / adjustments.

Included: Photoshop PSD file and fonts.

Click here to see a full size screenshot and download this file

Edited by EclipTic
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Nice one!

Maybe at some place a lil bit to much "beveled" but all over it looks cool.

I like the tech details u used, they look awesome.

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@Till.ch - I appreciate your comments. Thanks! However, I can't take credit for all the details on this one.... A few parts of this skin are "borrowed" from a media player skin.

@Loki - I'd like to see it in action after you get it coded.

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