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New Plastics Pave The Way For Unbreakable Cell Phones


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New Plastics Pave the Way For Unbreakable Cell Phones

New plastics that serve as better semiconductors could lead to portable electronics that can truly bounce back..."Dropped calls" have a very different meaning to Dutch researcher Paulette Prins. The Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) doctoral candidate has proposed a way to make mobile phones and other personal electronics more resilient, and much less likely to break when dropped.

"when dropped"...hehehe more like when chucked at a wall!!

my girlfriend better practice ducking when this is available... :teehee:

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Sounds like a good idea.... needs to be waterproof though.

The number of phones I've lost in toilets/badly placed buckets (usually when drunk) is ridiculous. I swear phones are attached to water with the same sort of strength as magnets to metals.

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