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Microsoft Says Blu-ray Is Unnecessary, But May Offer Support


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Microsoft hedging its bets on HD DVD, ponders switch to Blu-ray
When comparing the latest consoles, Sony constantly makes reference to its decision to include a Blu-ray Disc player with every PlayStation 3, while pointing out that Microsoft?s Xbox 360 utilizes the comparatively less spacious DVD9 format.Sony is so confident in its Blu-ray-enabled console that the company has stated that putting Blu-ray in PS3 will be the smartest decision made for the games machine. Microsoft Europe?s Senior Regional Director, Neil Thompson doesn?t think so, saying that Blu-ray does not give Sony?s console any advantage over the Xbox 360.http://www.dailytech.com/Article.aspx?newsid=6714

i think we chatted about this issue in the past regarding hd and blue-ray...i always thought blueray would dominate...time till tell...

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Microsoft hedging its bets on HD DVD

I guess its just a coincidence that Blu-Ray is Sony's and is shipped in the PS3? ;)

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Sony won't do adult, therefore bluray is dead. :P

really?? i thought b.ray was doing smut?? i recall reading something that b.ray was the 1st to intoduce smut into "quality footage"..hehehe

"As goes loveography, so goes technology. "
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Guest ToToRoYN

Here is a little something I got off TVPredictions.com.

love Will NOT Determine HDTV DVD War

Monday, April 9, 2007, 02:39 PM

love Will NOT Determine HDTV DVD War

The industry has changed since adult films influenced the outcome of the Beta vs. VHS battle.

By Phillip Swann

Washington, D.C. (April 9, 2007) -- Reuters is reporting this week that the adult film industry could determine the winner in the Blu-ray-HD-DVD high-def DVD war.

Noting that the love industry sided with VHS over Beta in the 1980s, the wire service quotes industry observers as saying it could happen again with some large adult studios leaning to HD-DVD.

"If the love industry wanted to break the logjam of HD-DVD and Blu-ray, it could," Forrester Research's James Mr McQuivey tells Reuters. "If they said 'We are going to go with HD-DVD' you would see a few million homes immediately go out and buy HD-DVD players. They have that power."

Actually, they don't. For two reasons:

1. Different Times

While love clearly helped VHS defeat Beta, the adult business has undergone a dramatic change over the last two decades, lessening its possible impact on the HDTV DVD war.

In the 1980s, the advent of home video revolutionized the adult industry. Rather than crawling into a dank movie theater, adult fans for the first time could watch their favorite performers in the privacy of their homes. Consequently, they rushed out to buy VCRs, and videotapes, by the millions. With more films available in VHS, the impact on the format war was enormous

But now, the Internet has made love immediate and varied. People can watch anything they want, whenever they want. Although Net video is not in high-def, it's hard to imagine millions of adult fans rushing out to buy a HDTV DVD player just to get a clearer picture. Some, perhaps, but not enough to impact the format war.

2. Different War

The Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD war is also quite different from the Beta-VHS battle. Videotape was the only way to watch movies at home in the 1980s, but now consumers can watch videotape, standard DVDs, premium movie channels and dozens of basic cable movie channels on cable and satellite. And some of those channels broadcast movies in high-def.

So, it's less likely that the HDTV DVD industry will grow at nearly the same pace as videotape in the 1980s. This lessens the possible impact that any one industry sector will have on the war.

Additionally, in the Reuters story, some executives say that Blu-ray is making it difficult for adult studios to make copies of their films in the format. They suggest this will give HD-DVD an edge.

But Blu-ray has the backing of seven of the eight major non-love studios while HD-DVD has just four. Any advantage that HD-DVD would have in the love industry is more than offset by Blu-ray's strength in the traditional film world.

So while it may be fashionable to repeat the theory that love will once again determine a DVD format war, this time it's not true.

All very interesting. Only time will tell I guess.

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