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Screen Sharing - Cross Os


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Hi all,

I have a small question there is a windows network and one linux machine is connected to the network. Is there any utility to share the screens from Linux PC to windows PC so user don't have to sit on Linux machine to work just like romote desktop sharing or TS.

Thanks for any help

i found 1 to open windows computer running TS from LINUX...


but not any which can be used to open linux client from windows.. :(

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Hi guys,

Thanks for you answer..


I am not looking for screen capture utility but actually screen sharing program...


Thanks a lot looks something useful...

UltraVNC does not support linux.. :( I am checking RealVNC Free.

I think i may not be able to explain my requirement properly.

Remote Desktop/Terminal Service

You can access a PC from another PC see the desktop and run any program. But this is supported on Windows only.

I have windows network and a linux machine as client and want to access the linux machine desktop from windows PC.

Thanks a lot for your answers

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I already told you, there is no Remote Dektop/Terminal Service in Linux. It's not called that way. It's called VNC. Find a VNC that works for your linux distribution and install server part there, client part on your Windows/Linux/Mac machine. It's all compatible any VNC client on any OS can access any VNC server on any OS.

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