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Tuts 4 You

Skin 1 For At4re


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Hmm it looks quite ok,

but is it possible that u ripped the buttons?

I think I already saw them in a nice tech skin from Kr!tze (Deadbeef)....



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I think the buttons are also in a skin Pavka used for Restorator 2007 (although that may be the template Till.ch is talking about as it is indeed a nice skin)

Not a bad effort on this one. Personally, not my style, but I've seen worse!

Keep it up!

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Damn, Loki You Are Right I've Just Noticed It

These Buttons Are Used By Pavka's Restorator Patch Skin

And Another Thing I That This Skin Was Made By KRITZE

Also Known As Cris "A Real Friend" Nice One.........

Still It's Not That Bad :)

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Hey, bro... stop it right away!

All that dup skin is BS!

The buttons are ripped from DeadBeaf's works, and I'm totally sure that the "AT4RE" logo's blending is just copied and pasted! proof: look at the "backup" text, same blending, you even didn't change it!! There's nothing you've done so far! (except of course ripping...)

If you wanna make GFXs, take the trouble, and learn. Or, If you need GFXs for your "team", just be nice and ask some "willing to help" GFXers and they will make you a piece of art... hundreds of 'em are all around this forum.


Edit: <removed>

Loki Edit : lets refrain from throwing insults at other members please. Thanks.

Edited by Loki
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Take It Easy Dude It's Not That Much Of A Problem I Know

It's Not Prefered Or Even Acceptable But Try To Be More Relaxed

This Thing Isn't Worth Fighting @ That Much So Just Take A Deep Breath

And As My Friend Loki Said No Need For Throwing Insults @ Other Members

And I'am Sure That Mourad Is A Not A GFXer Or @ Least He Has No Talent So He Tries To Do Something

Out Of Others Work Which Is Not Acceptable By You Or Even Me But Still We Don't Wanna Turn This Into A

Fight Or A Bad Situation So Easy ;)

BTW, Say Cheers To CiM Members And To You Too !!


Edited by Angel-55
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LOLZ !!!!

Loki, i wasn't insulting anyone.. was just kidding with the bro!

Angel-55, No need to take a deep breath, coz I breath as slow as hell ! hehe!

I wasn't angry when I posted that, and sure didn't mean to provoke all this blabla... made already myself clear.

Ok, enough BS. I officially apologize for any misunderstanding !

And one more thing, greetz to AT4RE and much respect to Mourad!


Edit: Sorry SND, didn't mean to bring fights to your board ! Respect!

Edited by JetCodE!
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I Know You Didn't Bro' Cause We Are All Brothers Here

So No Miss Understanding But I Said Just To Be Sure That None Was

Harmed And I Know You And Mourad Kow Each Other I Guess So Cheers For Both Of You !!

Cheers To CiM And SnD Teams

And Others I Know ;)

BTW, Now That I Know You Breah Slow Try Doing It Faster

hh Just Kidding Bro' :)

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