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Keystroke Capturing Utility As Single Exe Engine


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Does any 1 know

abt a keylogger///any othr application 1 has designed ,,which just runs as a exe file for capturing keystrokes!!!!!

i mean which doesnt need any installation!!!

just a engine which when clicked gets started and sends mails etc or even just record strokes on d same pc!!!!

the main problem in my case is i need to run the keylogger as a "SERVICE" on win 2k box


bcoz i need to get id and login of a applicatioN which starts just after login ,,INSTANTLY after windows login!!

MOST PROBABLY,,dat application,, runs as a service bcoz all other application runs after a person enters a valid login and password into dat!!!!!

it runs as a full screen application on underpriveleged account and we cant even see which application is dat

as task manager is disabled!! :(


user cant even ctrl alt del to see which is dat process and whether other processes hav launched!!

other thing which proves it runs as a high priority service is dat no keylogger captures the things enetred in its login window!!!!! :(

Every keyloger starts just after a person logins to it!!

Nothing else cant be done other than loggin in with valid id and password or logging of out of windows!!!!!

Pepl i would be highly thankful if u can provide me the solution to this!! :flowers:

AND if u think there is another way other than running a "STROKE capturing" exe as service ,,plz reply!!!!!

thanks in advance!!! :)

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yaa,,,thanks fro dat reply,,,

but if som1 can give me any other keylogger which can work independently as a single exe engine &

off course as "windows service"

it will be great!!!!

if somw1 knows ,,plz share!!!

btw i hav heard of some hook loggers which dont require any dll!!!!

can somebdy explain what r they????

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Please, need help...

How to detect keylogger (/other keystroke capture tools)?

Can we see hidden program running with Sysinternals Process Explorer, in this case "keylogger"?

Thank you

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