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Releasing A New Patch/crack?

Guest PoStiE Hacker

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Guest PoStiE Hacker

I have been very interested in rce for some time. And having spent countless hours reading tuts, mainly to no avail ( only ever managed to crack/patch a couple of apps ), I came across lena151's absolutely fantastic tutorials on newbie cracking. My question is that I have made a patch for an app that does not have one released so how do I go about sharing the patch on the scene?

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Guest PoStiE Hacker

Alot of people have viewed this post but no one has replied, so in desparation I have made a torrent with the application and posted it on a torrent site. Not what I wanted to do as I would have liked it to have been available on a crack site.

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dont some crack sites have a upload option or something of that nature???

you could always post your release on a warez forum somewhere 2..

good luck

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I'm starting a new site for our independent authors out there, like yourself. That's easy and reliable to get there releases public.

If your interested please visit the website below


Details on how to submit files are located on the page.

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Great idea zeroburn........this way it gives people the opportunity to release without dragging the team down if something goes wrong or its doesn't work as planned....... ;)


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Awesome idea... lol

But I also hope that it won't be misused for XXX, **** or Virus-Stuff...




Ah... sry... submitting that way won't do no harm to anybody... GREAT !! :thumbsup:

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hahaha, now there's a word I've not heard in allllllong time. Awesome pic.

unfortunately, there is no lamers anymore, becuase there really is no elite left :)

old concepts, gone with old scene.

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All files will be reviewed and checked before being posted. That way there wont be no "lamer virii" crap going around. As most of you know Jbfonline.net does not tolerate backdoor trojans, or any garbage scripts and has always been ad and popup free, and will continue to stay that way.

So, if any of you know any independent authors please tell them about the site.

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