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Anybody Have Any Info On This Virus Threat?

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hey all...

i recently was trying to grab a file using flashget...i use nod32 for virus protection and this warning came up

"probably a variant of BAT/Alpha.A virus quarantined - deleted"

i was trying to look around for info on what kind of "threat" it was but i cant find anything....

does anybody know anything about this(what it tried to do,what kind it is,etc) or if its just a B.S warning from nod32 ????

cheers mates


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well heres the funky thing...i grabbed the same file again WITHOUT flashget and the "threat" didnt happen...the file was part of about 35 differant files (ps2 iso image)...all the others were ok but that particular file just kept getting quarantine(i even spoke with the uploader who packed it,etc so i know it wasnt a "on purpose" thing)...it was something with FG and this one file...weird...aside from that there is no virus in my system and i unpacked the file just fine...

funky mates...never happened before..

heres the exact log of the threat...

"Time Module Object Name Threat Action User Information

AMON file C:\Documents and Settings\Gigolo\Desktop\LoK-SR2.part27.rar.html

probably a variant of BAT/Alpha.A virus-quarantined - deleted-Event occurred on a file modified by the application: C:\PROGRA~1\FlashGet\flashget.exe. The file was moved to quarantine. You may close this window. "

cheers for finding a lil info..i googled and didt see much!!!

cheers mates


p.s. MOID=Group: (Junior) ???? dat dont sound right..hehehe ;)

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