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New Selfcoder Keygen Skins For At4re


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well guy's after ecplip's art with ziggy,, this will not look much

but I've been away for a while ;) and I'm back now, and in a

new crew ;) AT4RE Arabic Team For Reverse Engineering.

And here's my skins for this week, enjoy not to use in you own

creations though! ;) well tell me what you think.. even if you

think it's horrid ;)










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Guest PopSmith

Personally I do not like the look of 'AT4RE' on the 3rd graphic as its not very gentile on the eyes :P

The last one isn't bad athough 'Arab team for reverse engineering' could be a little brighter so it sticks out.

My favorite is the first one, the second one isn't too bad either.

Overall its very nice work!! :)

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I really like the font you used in the first one, the lower case one. I don't care for the Name+Serial font, or maybe make the letters into lower case too after the first letters.

a nice simple well designed keygen template imo.

the 2nd one I don't like at all except for the serial box. It looks quite ugly to my eyes.

I like the 3rd one too, except the logo... a bit messy.

4th one is too dark/blurry.

Nice work.

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