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hi friends,

i dont know what can i do (as new member)?

for example i wanna talk with lena151 and have a question private with him.

but i cant send message to him

plz mr lena151 tell me your mail address bicos i read all of your lesson's and i m your student




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hi and thanx a lot dear lena151

i have a problem about a iranian protector.

i describe it at:


but nobody couldnt help me, but an iranian script that find oep(it seems!)

but i will try and try more to fixing iat, and failed...

can you help me for how to unpacking this kind of packer?

if you do a favour ,many iranian crackers thanx you.

the exe file in topic address is a setup of one kind of exe protector.

with this exe protector you can protect and pack an exe file due a hardaware dongle (shegerd)

for example plz unpack this file if it possible:

Link Removed

your student



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thank you lena for notifing me the rules. i know now that i must not set the link in this site. plz appologize me ...

but can you tell me how legally (for this site) i can learn about this packer/protector?

thanx a lot


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The way the learn about this packer/protector is to try things. I imagine though that you are reasonably new to reversing in which case you will have to do a lot more reading and testing.

You need to learn the basic principles of packers and protectors and understand how to get around them. This will involve a lot of reading beyond what lena has taught you. Then you will be able to analyse your packer or protector.

I imagine your lack of response in the other thread is due to the fact that this is not a well known packer. Do some research and post what you have found rather than saying "here is a link, please unpack it".

Good luck.

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