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hey guy's

I was wondering is there a way to get

rightmouse click back.. cuz the blocked

it and I use olly at school allot.. and now I can't

use any of the rightmousclick options..

help would be appriciated, because this

is very anoying, and I need to "crack"

this app for a school project. but seeing

Olly can't search for text strings and such

here it means it will be searching for a looonnggg

time.. so thanks in advance ;)


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I' m not sure what you want to do exactly, but there is "SwapMouseButton" function:

The SwapMouseButton function reverses or restores the meaning of the left and right mouse buttons.

BOOL SwapMouseButton(

BOOL fSwap // reverse or restore buttons


So write a program that calls this function like this:SwapMouseButton(TRUE) & you can use right click by clicking your left mouse button.

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Enable or Disable Right Click Context Menu

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