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Slysoft - I Think They're Getting Annoyed!


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Was browsing 9down and noticed a comment by a Slysoft Team member under any AnyDVD post. The changes to the downloading of trials is interesting! Having said that, all it takes is one person to release the exe and it'll spread in no time. Not sure what they intend to achieve this way. Just like with Alcohol 120% etc... the exe's will get out there.

Word of warning to people posting here. 9down has been cooperating in releasing IP addresses of everyone posting links to or for cracks, keygens and patches to Slysoft software. Your posts have been monitored for some time now and will not be tolerated any further. Rapidshare has also helped with the release of IP's that have downloaded cracks and patches to Slysoft software prior to their removal from the site. Our team has spent many hours developing our software for use. Lack of credit card is no excuse for circumventing the software. Paypal will eventually be added to the list of buying options. We have to make sure security measures are in place before allowing Paypal purchases to be made to insure customer safety. Due to the number of cases of circumvention of our software, the updates will only be made avalible to registered owners of the software and will no longer be offered as a trial. Requests can be made to Slysoft for a trial after complete registration with the company. Expect this change to the way Slysoft products are offered to be in effect in the near future. Again this is not a joke but a serious matter. Developers of Slysoft software are no longer going to play games, if you like the software, buy it.

Thread was here: http://9down.com/story.php?sid=8374

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well they are somehow right, piracy was no problem when there was no p2p, scene cracks and rls for the scene not all the lamers around. only thing they can do or even cant do is fireup emule and leech. anyway slysoft is good only with one software anydvd, rest is useless thing compared to many free dvd encoders. clonecd was ok but 5 years ago today and for long time alcohol beats it and nothing can beat alcohol.

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those guys need to chill...as already mentioned before-they create a app that can remove other peoples protection and they get ****y when others remove theres.....

same deal..yin-yang,etc,etc



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Word of warning...
lol... :thumbsup:

I'm wondering, if Slysoft ALSO gets something like this from the CD/DVD-Protection-Companies... :rolleyes:

And if Slysoft ALSO answers like that:

... why don't they try using stronger protection methods?


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Back in about July 2005 Slysoft removed the "heavy" protection on their apps. (They had been using ASProtect to that point). They did not give any reason for removing the "protection" except it seems like they just gave up when every new variant of ASProtect was cracked very quickly.

One way or another AnyDVD will be cracked and the people who would use cracks will keep doing so.

Anyway - Seems a bit rich to me Slysoft complaining about "piracy" when you consider what AnyDVD does.


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In my eyes it?s even sad to see them going "unpublic". I don?t hope others will follow...

Ziggy: I didn?t know that they?ve used ASProtect once, but this reminds me on all DeskSoft products. The were once protected with ExeCryptor and now they don?t use any protector at all ;)


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lo...Blah have got a point.....It hurts more when you spend money for protecting your apps and eventually it gets cracked ....lol....So advice to Software developers build your own :P

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these guys seem to forget that you can't around the basic fact that its all ASM binary. Its all in the byte changing to say regged or not...........you think they'd catch the hint.............LOL

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Hi Guys,

i agree with Marlowe. Look at the second post of him.

First of all I am in now way affiliated with Slysoft what so ever. I seen how everyone here gets so testy so I decided to rattle some cages. Boy did I ever. That is the only reason why I come here. Jesus christ do you really think Slysoft would post here! Morons! ChrisC is the only person with brains in here. As far as urmysin, keep using that signal. Cause once they are on to the fact that your using it for illegal purposes they can and will trace the signal back to you. All of your history will be traced from the signal your using to YOUR MAC ADDRESS!!!! I would know cause I work for a company that investigates that very scenario. You'd be surprised how many people are caught and thought they would never get caught. As long as your logged on, it would only take a matter of minutes to find you with inexpesive scanners and you are screwed. 75% of the people got JAIL time!!!! First time offenders that simply steal internet get hefty fines, first time offenders that steal internet and use it for illegal activity and it's a federal offense!!!! Ever here of Homeland Security!!! You may not be a terrorist but you are doing terrorist type activity and it will not go well for you. I could care less if you give a rats ***, because even if you don't believe me it IS your *** on the line dummy. If your gonna do this type of stuff (steal internet, software, etc....) go back to school and learn about computers. You even told everyone here what you do using your user name!!! You needed a e-mail address to subscribe here, even if it's a free one where else did you log into it from? Work, school, your own internet service? Are you starting to see the big picture on how dumb you are and how easy it will be to find you. They probably are allready on to you and are just waiting to gather enough good evidence to really slam you. Bottom line is I use AnyDVD to back up all my movies cause my kids destroy them. I do not feel it is right for MPAA or RIAA to tell me what I can and can't do with what I purchase. AnyDVD is the only simple to use software that lets me do that and that is why I BOUGHT IT! You wanna give the finger to someone then give it to the RIAA, MPAA and Sony. They are the ones telling you you can't do what we all know everyone in here does. Slysoft is one of the few software company's that allow us to do this and it is only fair to compensate them for it. Sure, I could save a few bucks and crack the software like everyone else here, sure it's easy, but I like what they do and I support them for it.

grEEtZ sILeNt heLLsCrEAm

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FAKE! that's good news......Still going, is there any higher version than this right now! for AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD 2007 02 18

- Fix: HD DVD / AACS decryption did not work on 64bit OS

- Some minor fixes and improvements

- Updated languages


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Check slysoft download page...

and who posts these silly misinfo's anyways? and who beleives them without looking? hmmz

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That would be me then ;)

Hey, I just saw it and thought it was worth noting... When it was known to be fake the thread was updated, so no harm done!

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Guest xpmule

LOL love a good story

never used the program before and probably wont

but i visit 9down everyonce in a while simply to read the comments

and the annual antivirus debate ;)

Good post ..entertaining

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Guest mph195

Thats the problem with 9down nowadays. over 50% of the people there are full of s.h.i.te

and rapidshare dunt work 4 many people in the uk using virgin media broadband and 90% of 9down is now

rapidshare downloads :dunno:

i use www.soft-best.net nowadays.................. it seams better than 9down


ps, and no matter what slysoft done. markus will crack it within 5 mins of it comin out

markus you rock man

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