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Till.ch Keygen design #3 - TuneUp skin for l0calh0st


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File Name: Till.ch Keygen design #3 - TuneUp skin for l0calh0st

File Submitter: Till.ch

File Submitted: 11 Feb 2007

File Updated: 11 Feb 2007

File Category: Keygen Templates

So here's my third Keygen Template done for l0calh0st.

I want it to make like the TuneUp 2007 Design.

The little cube at the bottom left, a part of the Exit button & a lil part of the gear wheel, did I take from the original.

The rest I all done myself in Photoshop.

I made 3 Steps-Buttons.

For those who don't know tuneup here's a screenshot of it:


Click here to download this file

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Thank you very much for your comments!!!

It really motivate me to make better and more beautifully Designs like that one, thank you :flowers::P

For my 4-KeygenDesign I wanna make something special! (So if someone of a team want a design, write me :P )

Best Regards 'nd ty,


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I like to see gfx created for a paticular purpose, like this one. It's a small detail, but I esp like how you incorporated the photoshop icon by your name and the olly icon by l0calh0st's. Great work! Still waiting to see one for SnD ;)

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At the first look, my thought was TIll.ch made the skin for Tune Up... :)

Excuse me, but i think this is a okayish job.In my opinion there is no harm if you take ideas from other GFX, but if you try out something new in it then you get the marks.

But anyways you have done a good job at the end! keep up..


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@ Oricode

Thx for your critic - you are right,

it wasn't very hard to design it, because I had the important things in front of me, so I just had to analize the original GFX,

and made the same on my little template.

But I still think it's a good Design - not awesome but good for a TuneUp Keygen.

Best Regards,


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  • 8 months later...

Since its forbidded to give your opinion on this forum, ill better dont reply. Oh, I just did. Oh I love the clown colors, thats just too great. I love the big buttons who just fit on your screen really nice, and they have a real 1:1 tampax shape. And the logo, thats really orginal, a simple shape and a gold look, could you imagine that some one would ever make that? Thats phicking nice. And the buttons effects a simple gradient effect wich almost everyone uses nowdays, its so cool because everyone uses it and its done in 1 min.

It reminds me of the best system I ever used in my whole life, Windows Vista. The system that wouldnt function 100%, thats the best feature a system ever had! I mean, everybody would like it, the system need min 1gb ram, who cares? We work, right? So, it would be a pleasure to give all my money to MS. Who likes money? I dont, I burn it away and sometimes I burry it. Guess, what did this had to do with the skin? Nothing! Ahahaha Im sooooooo funny.



The Fight for Knowledge Begins? No, offense but I see this in your sig for a very very long time. I was wondering, when will the fight really start?

And now my serious reply, the skin is pretty ok but the buttons are a bit big in my opinion (wich Im not allowed to post). But if the release name is on the skin, then you have to edit it everytime the cracker makes a release. Thats also nice because the standart box-with-text (thats how I call it), screws sometimes a skin up then it its like you're looking to a form. Keep practising with the sizes.

l0calhost, I tought he disconnected? Didnt he had an another nickname?

Edited by P43
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Now you're just being facetious.

Giving your opinion is exacly what we've said you should do (and the honest opinion part of the post above is great). The only criticism made at you has been that your opinion often strays into personal attacks and that sometimes you appear overly critical.

Its not that tough to understand.

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Can you guys smell something burning . . . something really rotten is burning . eughhh !!! :x

Indeed, I think some one must close his legs to reduce the bad smell. One thing is for sure, that person hasnt discovered water and soap I guess.

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yes very true mate , i have a bar of soap and a bucket of water to spare incase you are interested :) - and to put a cherry on top - A deodrant.

it feels so nice when you can help some not-so-lucky people . . .


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Only if you knew it would help you to kill your bed smell, even if you used it I bet you still would smell. I bet you take a shower only 1 time a week. Recycling the water, I saw it on TV how dirty those Indians can be, and then he comes here talk about smell? Haha, I bet your whole box where you live stinks to garlic and curry. dirtyboy

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sounds like a fairy tail, "Soap And Water in India". It would sound better if it was "No Soap And Water In India." And please dont let me think about those who use the river as a toilet, and for almost everything that is just gross.

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